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Sgt. Fury In Afghanistan

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Track List

  1. Fury Says Hello From Afghanistan (300KB)
  2. Killing Creeps in Kandahar
  3. $25 Mil for Osama Kill
  4. Massive in Cave
  5. B-1 Bomber Blues
  6. Osama Mama
  7. Sheep's Milk
  8. Slice on Uncle Sam
  9. Fury the Prankster
  10. Christmas in Kahdahar
  11. Run Silent... Run Deep
  12. Camel Dung (2.7MB) <-- Free Sample Bit
  13. Walker's Nightmare
  14. Fury Goes To Heaven
  15. Tuff Gal
  16. Shostakovich Gets Cold Feet
  17. Trojan Horse
  18. War Baby
  19. Cloning Sgt. Fury
  20. Olympics Skeleton Run
  21. French Interlude
  22. Nuclear Paradise
  23. Greaseman Thanks Our Military (300KB)