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  1. Greasey Wanna Cracker
  2. Mondo Greaseo & Zone Three
  3. Long Distance Limp Wristed
  4. Uncle Irving Greasemanowitz
  5. Alan Moore Self Destructs
  6. The Shorty Story
  7. Storm Tips
  8. Greaseman At The Beach
  9. Tuna: The First Time
  10. Statutory Rapeometer
  11. Who's Gonna Care For Ma?
  12. What It Must Be Like To Be A Lawman
  13. Greaseaster Bunnies
  14. Windbreakin' Daddy
  15. The Slum Lord
  16. Nurse Swallows Razor Blade
  17. Going Zone Three Way
  18. Echo Chamber
  19. Down In Jamaica
  20. Camel Crisis
  21. Good Ship Grease
  22. The End Of Another Stinkin' Week