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Heads Up Productions presents Born Bulky, the Greaseman comic book miniseries! I asked author Joe Hollingsworth to send me an introduction to this page since it features his work exclusively. This is what he sent:

Greetings, Greasaholics and Ninomaniacs, and welcome to the Born Bulky comics series! This portion of is brought to you by Joe Hollingsworth of HEAD'S UP PRODUCTIONS in Westminster, MD. I would like to thank Steve for providing the forum of to showcase the Born Bulky series.

It has been a longtime dream of mine to produce this series. Over the years, there's been numerous obstacles thrown in the way of the Born Bulky comics. I've had to take a lot of detours to get around these roadblocks.

The Internet has become the new venue for the display of many new comics creations. Born Bulky now takes it's place among the great comics series appearing on the net. Since it's debut on, Born Bulky has generated an influx of e-mails from the core of fans of the ring-dang-do. Many of these e-mails had one FAQ: How can Born Bulky be obtained in print?

Right now, efforts are underway to bring Born Bulky to the comic book outlets. Since February 2002, Head's Up Production has been casting about for an independant comic book publisher to bring the series to print. It's an uphill climb, yet the quest continues. I hope to know something soon.

AMF, Joe Hollingsworth

Joe always enjoys hearing your thoughts about his work, so e-mail your feedback to him at There's more info about Joe, his Heads Up Productions, and full contact info at the bottom of this page. But first, let's get to the comics!

"Born Bulky" series...

Born Bulky (1998)
The original black & white comic book with eight episodes, featuring: Sgt. Fury, Grease's Daddy, Lawman, Hobble Handbook, and Ugly Women. 36 pages.

Born Bulky 2 (2001)
Second in the series, and now in full color! Eight episodes, featuring: Hobble Handbook, Medical Man, South Of The Border, The Punk & Clinton, and Lawman. 26 pages.

Born Bulky 3 (2003)
Third in the Born Bulky series. Seven episodes, featuring: "The Bum vs. The Biscayne", "Big Maniac On Campus", Tucas Facius in "The Windbag And The Lion", "Grease Goes To Heaven", Lawman in "Double Backer", Hobble Handbook - "Buy A Bunny To Nail That Honey", and "Molecular Dislocation". 29 pages.

Born Bulky 4 (2004)
The fourth installment of the Born Bulky series. Three episodes, featuring: Sgt. Fury, Ragnad, and Good Ship Grease. 22 pages.

Born Bulky 5 (2004)
The fifth installment of the Born Bulky series. Four episodes, featuring: Generator Story, Punk & Clinton in The Stakeout, In Her Face & Ugly Women. 21 pages.

Born Bulky 6 (2004)
Here's the sixth installment of the Born Bulky series. Four episodes, featuring: Shootin' The Mutants, Smokin' Section, Diagnosed Dead & Lawman. 22 pages.

Born Bulky 7 (2005)
Here's the seventh and latest installment of the Born Bulky series. Five episodes, featuring: The Blood Pressure Machine, The Punk & Clinton in Anniversary Surprise, Damien!, Hostile Lawman & Stuff Happens. 28 pages.

Born Bulky 8 (2011)
Here's the eighth and possibly final installment of the Born Bulky series. Two episodes, featuring: Lawman & Big Dick Branigan. 10 pages.

"Sgt. Fury 2001" series...

Sgt. Fury 2001 #1 (2002)
A new series dedicated to Sgt. Fury in response to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Five episodes, featuring: Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Bin Laden, Beware Of The Americans, Terrorists Cum Clean, Gary Cooper Solution, and Young Patterson. 25 pages.

Sgt. Fury 2001 #2 (2002)
Second in the Sgt. Fury 2001 series. Three episodes, featuring: SkyRage Grease, Watch Your Step!, and Fury's Charge! 20 pages.

Sgt. Fury 2001 #3 (2002)
The third release in the Sgt. Fury 2001 series. Four episodes, featuring: Lawman in "Diplomatically Impaired", and Sgt. Fury in "Doggie Drop Ins" & "Who Let The Dogs Out?". 19 pages.

Sgt. Fury 2001 #4 (2004)
The fourth release in the Sgt. Fury 2001 series. Four episodes, featuring: Bilious, Busted, Terminated & Devil Dogs Kick Ass. 20 pages.

Sgt. Fury 2001 #5 (2004)
The fifth release in the Sgt. Fury 2001 series. Three episodes, featuring: The Audit, Bin Laden Bombz Again & Osama Goes To Hell. 18 pages.

Sgt. Fury 2001 #6 (2005) The sixth release in the Sgt. Fury 2001 series. Five episodes, featuring: Cooking With The Hydraulics, Osama's Big Deal, Mission Accomplished, Adios Afghanistan, Operation Homecoming & 2 cartoons. 20 pages.

Head's Up Productions is a home-based freelance art studio, owned & operated by Joe Hollingsworth himself (pictured at right). Head's Up provides illustration and some graphics work for both business and private parties. This includes works like murals, caricatures, cartooning, portraits, house pictures, etc. Since 2001, Joe has been engaged as an art instructor. There are both private and group sessions available.

In 1994, Joe published a sci-fi comic book miniseries entitled "Savage Worlds". That series had a core of loyal fans but didn't make enough money to continue past the initial six part story. He's still writing and illustrating other stories for comics on the side, but he would like to see the Born Bulky series succeed before he ventures any further with other material

Joe sent me a newspaper article about him printed printed in the Carroll County Times in 1994. Click here to read it:

If you would like to contact Joe to contract for his services, take a class, send him feedback, or whatever, here is his contact info:

54 Carroll Street
Westminster, MD 21157