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October 1997 -- Nino "The Greaseman" Mannelli released his first book titled And They Ask Me Why I Drink? on Pocket Books. Here is the front & back cover art (click on the images for larger versions where you can read the fine print):

Front Cover

Back Cover

The 196 page hardcover contains a collection of Grease's stories and anecdotes presented in a sort of autobiographical format. The entire book is "in character"--meaning his real name Doug Tracht is not mentioned once. The book is simply an extension of his radio show--The Grease Show in print, if you will--not a true autobiography of the author. The disclaimer at the beginning sets the stage: This book is funny. The Greaseman is dealing with only a limited grasp on reality and anything he says must be taken with a grain of salt. As his psychiatrist says, the guy is nuts, grab him.

Where can I buy the book?

I bought mine at the local Borders in it's first printing. It is now out-of-print, but you can find it online at these places:

  • Buy a new custom autographed copy on eBay
  • Buy new or used from

The book jacket text

The text on the inside of the book jacket is a nice mini-biography of the Greaseman, so I thought I'd reprint it here to give you an idea of what to expect if you're interested in the book:

Every day, two and a half million listeners tune in to hear Nino "The Greaseman" Mannelli's outrageous jokes on his nationally syndicated radio talk show. But who exactly is this boisterous voice of bravado? And how did he emerge from the uncharted regions of upstate New York--bone-dry martini in hand--to become America's Diddy-bopping Daddy of the Airwaves?

Grease wasn't always the duck-walking, big-time Boss Jock we've come to admire. Oh no, far from it. Time after time, in a procession of professions, he had to lay his doodads on the line and take a whacking. For comfort he turned to the bottle, women, and even a shrink--the story of his hideous experience and eventual triumph could fill a book (gee, what a coincidence).

Now in his signature story-spinning style, Nino "The Greaseman" Mannelli is dropping all inhibitions (and trow) to share the lust-laden saga he calls his life. Follow Grease on his tempestuous journey, from a dysfunctional childhood to his alcohol-consuming adulthood; from the atrocities of Vietnam to the indignities of West Virginia; from his first hobble to his first wife (that pig, Estelle); and on the countless jobs--doctor, lawyer, lawman--he held before soaring to unfathomable heights on the airwaves.

Complete with a glossary of Greasemanese terminology and a hilarious rap parody sing-along, AND THEY ASK ME WHY I DRINK? is an orgy of comedic wit filled with enough hobbling, gobbling, and snarlin' to reach Shangri-la over and over again.

Nino "The Greaseman" Mannelli started his insanity at Ithaca College, where he began his twenty-eight-year broadcasting career. The "Greaseman" moniker was born in his junior year, while working as a DJ at a Binghamton, New York, top-40 radio station in the 1970s. Today, Grease and his "Funny Little Honey," Anita, reside in a hillside retreat overlooking the lights of Los Angeles. How SCHWEET!

My comments on the jacket text:

  • Glossary of Greasemanese terminology? I haven't found it yet.
  • The last paragraph is the only 100% true info about the author in the book.
  • ...except for the part about living in Los Angeles--this is outdated since they moved back to the D.C. area in '97.

So buy your copy today and help support The Greaseman!