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Welcome to The Bit Vault, the largest collection of downloadable Greaseman bits available anywhere. If you have something that ain't here, send it to me and I'll post it and give you full credit. That's how this collection has grown so large -- other fans just like you have sent me their collections to share with you, the Branch Doodadians. They've helped compile and offer free to you over 4 thou-thou-thousand bits, right The Bit Vault!

Want to buy vintage CDs, LPs & Cassettes featured below? Grease's Dime One Productions has produced newly mastered versions of these classic releases on CD, which are being sold through the authorized seller DCTechGuy on eBay. Either click here or click the 'Buy on CD from eBay' links next to the items below.

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While Grease was at WARW in Washington, DC, he released the 3-CD set titled The Greaseman's Greatest Hits.

The Greaseman's Greatest Hits (1998)

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While Grease was on WQZK in Keyser, WV, he released a second 'Best Of' CD titled Sleeping In.

Sleeping In (2002)

While Grease was on WMET in Washington, DC, he released a CD titled My Daddy, featuring nothing guessed it...'My Daddy' bits!

My Daddy (2006)

A word about the CDs previously sold through


While Grease was at DC/101 in Washington, D.C., he released a 4-volume cassette tape series called The Best Of The Greaseman.

The Best of the Greaseman, Vol. 1 (1988)

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The Best of the Greaseman, Vol. 2 (1989)

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The Best of the Greaseman, Vol. 3 (1990)

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The Best of the Greaseman, Vol. 4 (1991)

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While Grease was at WAPE in Jacksonville, FL, he released these two albums.

What it must be like to be... "A Real Lawman" (1978)

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Live and Shrieking (1979)

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Promotional Tapes

Westwood One promo (1996)


Larry King interview (4/14/84)

Radio Airchecks

CMJ's WAXC airchecks (1973)
The Great 98 (1973-74)
Last show at WPOP (6/27/75)
WAPE Collection (1976-81)

Doug's WAPE Airchecks (1979-82)

Tim's WAPE & DC/101 Airchecks (1980-88)

L'il Eddy's Collection (1982-86)

Johnny Wollensak's Collection (1982-86)

Jasper's Bits (1983)

Steve's DC/101 Grease Files (1983-85)

Karl's Tape Collection (1983-88)

George's Collection (1984-86)

Tom's Tape (1984-87)

younglove two's Tape (1986-87)

Carlos' Bit Server (1984-88)

Nathan's Collection (1984-1989)

Stingray's Lost Greaseman Bits (1986-1990) [external link]

Doc's Aircheck (2/3/87)

Mark's Tapes (1980s-90s)

Todd's Collection (1988-92)

Mitch/Brooks CDs (1991-93)

Irvin's Collection (1992)

Last shows at DC/101 (12/31/92 & 1/22/93)

jasoN's CDs (1993-96)

Scanmaster's Tapes

Ted's Favorites (1993)

Joe's Collection (1995)

Aaron's Collection (1994) *** NEW! ***

Best Of The Greaseman - Christmas '96 Edition (12/25/96)

Sonny's Bits-Of-The-Week (1997-99)

The Shrieker Bowl - WARW (1/30/99)
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Last Show Signoff on WDMV (10/14/05)
Last days of WYSP - Greaseman guest show (8/29/11)


Ingus was The Greaseman's backing band for numerous live appearances and in-studio jams. Led by Tom Lange, they wrote & performed parody songs that Grease would sing on his show. Tom compiled 5 CD's worth of Grease w/Ingus material and has given me permission to post them here for your enjoyment. Everybody needs a little Ingus!

Get-A-Load-A-Dis! Volume One Live off the air 1990-1993

Get-A-Load-A-Dis! Volume Two Live off the air 1990-1993

Doo Dad Deep!

The Greaseman's Packfest!

The Greaseman's Packing To The Oldies!

Music Beds

A 'music bed' is the background music played during a commercial, or, in Grease's case, during a news reading or a bit. While not 'bits' themselves, I've received several requests for music beds over the years and this seems like the most appropriate place to post the ones I have.

Steve Sylvain sent in YouTube links to several other music beds. Thanks, Steve!

Jeremy Savage made a YouTube playlist of many popular Greaseman music beds. Check 'em out!

Robert Levene sent in this classic, featured on the Greatest Hits CD above (disc 3, track 3)

Tom in Northern VA used Shazam to identify tons of Greaseman music beds and sent in the following massive collection of YouTube links to them. Schweeet!!