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On January 30th, 1999 (the day before the Super Bowl, get it?), Classic Rock 94.7 played a collection of classic bits, including some from Grease's early days on Florida radio in the 70's for the first time in 20 years! Here they are, thanks to Sonny Moore who taped them and sent them in to me. Note that track #9, the original Phil Kronenburg revenge story, came from this very website from my personal Grease Files collection!

Download this show in mp3 format:

  1. Grease's WAXC aircheck
  2. WAPE 1979 aircheck
  3. From 1978 "Lawman" album
  4. Grease loses his gal to Chauncey
  5. Hoyle tells a Wild West joke
  6. Grease house breaks his dog
  7. Commercial pilot tour
  8. South of the border
  9. Phil Kronenburg original version - 1983
  10. Hooked on mucus!
  11. Jax aircheck-Late 80's
  12. Tapioca on the oatmeal!!
  13. Mitch with a hot gal on the line
  14. Lawman in porno shop raid!!
  15. Traffic reporter Robbie Rose's revenge!!
  16. Hoyle Dempsey in the control room can!
  17. 1982 - The Bit Without An End
  18. Aircheck from "The Great 98"
  19. Lawman finale