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  1. Bag Handlers
  2. Daddy And Me In Jail
  3. Daddy And I Exchange Insults
  4. Daddy And Nino At Ballgame
  5. Daddy At Bachelor Party
  6. Daddy At The Zoo
  7. Daddy Brown Cappin'
  8. Daddy Can't Stop Cheatin'
  9. Daddy On Plane
  10. Daddy Teaches Football
  11. Daddy The Scoutmaster
  12. Daddy Nudist Story
  13. Daddy's Computer
  14. Daddy's Moose Musk
  15. Daddy's Pumpkin
  16. Daddy's Science Project
  17. Daddy's Tandem Bike
  18. Dad's 53rd Arrest
  19. Grease And Oscar Drinkin'
  20. Lessons From Dad
  21. More Fishin' With Dad
  22. My Sex ID Crisis