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Best Of The Greaseman - Christmas '96 Edition

Grease fan Frank Hutton sent me his copy of the original studio backup tape of this 'Best Of' show from Christmas Day 1996. Here it is in its entirety!

Download these bits in MP3 format:

  1. Intro-Fudgeman
  2. Encyclopedias-Let It Snow-Auto Help
  3. Hobble-Do-Ga-Ga Handbook
  4. Christmas Party-Ragnad
  5. Christmas Abroad-South Of The Border
  6. Christmas Stories
  7. Past Christmas-Bottomknockin'-Christmas Trees
  8. Sgt. Fury
  9. Christmas Tree-All I Want For Christmas
  10. TV Shows-Blasterpiece Theater-Cooking With Hydraulics
  11. Good Ship Grease
  12. Christmas Songs-Toe Monster
  13. Santa Claus-Bearded Clam
  14. Waffle Irons-Wedding Ring
  15. BB Gun
  16. Sad story-Lawman
  17. Here Comes Fatty-Martini Time
  18. 'Best Of' Promo