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Grease & Ingus - Get-A-Load-A-Dis! Volume One

Download the contents of this CD in mp3 format:

  1. Mountain Mash
  2. Just Like A Hog
  3. Squeal Tonight
  4. Pee Wee's Last Adventure
  5. Pffft Means I Love You (1)
  6. Pffft Means I Love You (2)
  7. My Dog Blue
  8. Doo Dads Are A Guy's Best Friend
  9. Turn Around, Look At Dis
  10. Hoovin'
  11. Save The Last Drawer For Me
  12. Lipstick On Yer Doo Dads
  13. Ta-Ta's Akimbo
  14. Brown Cappin'
  15. On The Commode Again
  16. This Massive Moment
  17. Grecian Formula 16
  18. Pffft In A Bottle (1)
  19. Pffft In A Bottle (2)
  20. King Of The Scroat
  21. Christmas In The Country
  22. I Saw Mommy Snarlin' Santa Claus
  23. Here Comes Fatty
  24. I Got The Crabs For Christmas
  25. Santa Got Caught Fondling A Reindeer