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Big thanks to GreaseFan Todd Ossege who sent me his 20+ tape collection of Greaseman bits from the DC/101 days, 1988-92!

Download these bits in mp3 format:

Volume 1

  1. 12 Days of Christmas
  2. A Bit Without Words
  3. Alone for the Holidays
  4. Christmas in Washington
  5. Dinner Parties
  6. Doing Dips Over Sulphuric Acid
  7. He Walks With Me (Thanksgiving Story)
  8. Hobble Handbook (Buddy Bumpin)
  9. Hobble Handbook (Havin a Ball at the Berlin Wall)
  10. Hollywood News
  11. Hooters Song
  12. Lawman (Hostage Situation)
  13. Lawman (Rookie Training)
  14. Marion Barry Rap
  15. Morning Quiz (Crossing a Photocopier with a Wurlizter)
  16. Morning Quiz (Ultimate Singles Bar)
  17. My Daddy (Christmas Cards)
  18. My Daddy (Down at the Deli)
  19. My Mamma Tried
  20. My Time with the Mob (War)
  21. Somebody Been Using That Thing (Elizabeth Taylor)
  22. South of the Border (Getting a Ticket)
  23. The Greasemanelli Santa Claus Acadamy
  24. The Pwwt Pwwt
  25. Toe Monster (Hitler)
  26. Walking in My Winter Underwear
  27. West Virginia (Birds and Bees)
  28. West Virginia (Girl Hitchhiker)
  29. West Virginia (Security Guard)
  30. West Virginia (Skydiving)

Volume 2

  1. Back in Time With an Uzi (Paul Revere).mp3
  2. Broken Engagement.mp3
  3. Christmas at the Brother-In-Laws.mp3
  4. Daddy Bedtime Story (Buying a Ranch).mp3
  5. Doing Volunteer Work with Blind Kids.mp3
  6. Enjoying Rosie.mp3
  7. Frothy the Pwwt Man.mp3
  8. Getting a Snarlin at a Party.mp3
  9. Going Ugly Early.mp3
  10. Gorbachev's Isle.mp3
  11. Hobble Handbook (Holiday Gift Giving).mp3
  12. Hobble Handbook (The Sexaholic Frolic).mp3
  13. Hooters Song.mp3
  14. House of Ill Repute Pizza Delivery Service.mp3
  15. I'm Streaming Out White Christmas.mp3
  16. Lawman (Miranda Rights).mp3
  17. Morning Quiz (First Thing You Notice About a Girl).mp3
  18. Morning Quiz (Half Welsh Half Hungarian).mp3
  19. Morning Quiz (How Can You Tell if Your Dog is Gay).mp3
  20. Morning Quiz (What Happens when Santa Sits in the Snow Too Long).mp3
  21. Morning Quiz (Why Jesus Didn't Attend College).mp3
  22. My Daddy (Building a Snowman).mp3
  23. Redneck Song (Christmas).mp3
  24. Sly Stallone Sings the Classics (Ruldolph the Red Nose Reindeer).mp3
  25. Steps to Being a Great Boss Jock.mp3
  26. Taking Chauncy to See Santa.mp3
  27. Visiting the Pearly Gates.mp3
  28. Washingtonian Magazine Ads.mp3
  29. West Virginia (Doing Laundry).mp3
  30. West Virginia (Radiation vs. Contamination).mp3
  31. West Virginia (Shipping Out Hobble).mp3
  32. Working as a Store Santa.mp3

Volume 4

  1. Back in Time with an Uzi (Garden of Eden).mp3
  2. Belgian Congo (Selling Shoes).mp3
  3. Bit Vault (Driving the Church Bus).mp3
  4. Callers.mp3
  5. Daddy Bedtime Story (Two Guys Playing Golf).mp3
  6. Enlighten the Goy 1.mp3
  7. Enlighten the Goy 2.mp3
  8. Fudgeman (At the Movies).mp3
  9. Hobble Handbook (Everybody Loves a Flyboy).mp3
  10. Hobble Handbook (Firefighters Delight).mp3
  11. In the Navy.mp3
  12. Irving Greasemanowitz (Meeting the Parents).mp3
  13. Lawman (Hopsing Hold Up).mp3
  14. Lawman (Rookies).mp3
  15. Limo Driver's Rap.mp3
  16. Morning Quiz (First Thing Through a Women's Mind After The Gynocolgist).mp3
  17. Morning Quiz (Parsley Farmer Going Chapter 11).mp3
  18. Morning Quiz (Why did the Young Lady go to the Nude Beach).mp3
  19. My Daddy (Hunting).mp3
  20. One Bad Stud.mp3
  21. Redneck Song (Public Pool).mp3
  22. Revenge Against Estelle.mp3
  23. Revenge for Being Grounded.mp3
  24. Sgt Fury (Reading from the Bible).mp3
  25. South of the Border (Gay Cabarellos).mp3

Volume 5

  1. 6 Minute Workout.mp3
  2. Bit Vault (Dedication).mp3
  3. Early Memories.mp3
  4. Enlighten the Goy 3.mp3
  5. Enlighten the Goy 4.mp3
  6. Estelle (Steamy Summer Night).mp3
  7. Fudgeman (Brat Packers).mp3
  8. Good Ship Grease (Getting Blown Off Course).mp3
  9. Good Ship Grease (Powerboaters vs. Sailboaters).mp3
  10. Hobble Handbook (Emergency Room Hobble).mp3
  11. Hospital Rap.mp3
  12. Irving Greasemanowitz (Traditions).mp3
  13. Lawman (Eviction).mp3
  14. Mack the Knife.mp3
  15. Massive Impossible (Heart Transplant).mp3
  16. Medical Man Rap.mp3
  17. Morning Quiz (Crossing a Pit Bull and a Prostitute).mp3
  18. Morning Quiz (Definition of Eternity).mp3
  19. My Daddy (At Christmas).mp3
  20. Ollie Be Good.mp3
  21. One Eyed Viper (D.C. Tourists).mp3
  22. Redneck Song (Dining Out with Daddy).mp3
  23. Redneck Song (Groinocologist).mp3
  24. Russian Neighbors.mp3
  25. South of the Border (Customs Taxes).mp3
  26. Storytime (Leprechaun).mp3
  27. The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised.mp3
  28. West Virginia (Gallstones).mp3

Volume 6

  1. 6 Minute Workout.mp3
  2. A Little Snarlin'.mp3
  3. Bit Vault (Visiting the DC101 Psychiatrist).mp3
  4. Bit Vault (Yiddish Deliverence).mp3
  5. Blasterpiece Theater (The Emperors New Clothes).mp3
  6. Blowing Away the Rush Hour Construction.mp3
  7. Callers.mp3
  8. Charles and Diana (Skiing Accident).mp3
  9. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Nude Sculpture).mp3
  10. Escaping from Louisiana Jail.mp3
  11. Estelle (Stuck in the Hotel Bathtub).mp3
  12. Hobble Handbook (Artist).mp3
  13. Hobble Handbook (Hobbledagoo at the Zoo).mp3
  14. Lawman (Dead DWI Suspect).mp3
  15. Lawman (Santa Claus from Hell).mp3
  16. Medical Man (Sex Change Operation).mp3
  17. Medical Man (Treasures in the Sigmoid Flexure).mp3
  18. Morning Quiz (Einstein Wailing Away).mp3
  19. My Daddy (Getting a Checkup).mp3
  20. My Daddy (Neighbor Girl's House).mp3
  21. My Daddy (Why Beer is Better than Women).mp3
  22. Naval Aviator.mp3
  23. South of the Border (Making a Movie in the Badlands).mp3
  24. Talking to the Baby (Giggling Baby).mp3
  25. You May be Jim Wright.mp3

Volume 7

  1. 6 Minute Workout.mp3
  2. Answering Machine Messages.mp3
  3. Bearded Clam (Jacques Cousteau).mp3
  4. Beverly Hillbillies Rap.mp3
  5. Charles and Diana (Hot Tub).mp3
  6. Clinton and the Punk (Cherry Blossoms).mp3
  7. Clinton and the Punk (Someone Stalking Clinton).mp3
  8. College Exams.mp3
  9. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Removing Salt Shaker).mp3
  10. Good Ship Grease (Drunken Guests).mp3
  11. Greaseman Doo-Wop Song.mp3
  12. Lawman (Female Rookie).mp3
  13. Lawman (Mounted Patrol).mp3
  14. Lawman (National Police Week).mp3
  15. Looking for Ugly Women (Moscow).mp3
  16. Massive Impossible (Stuckey's).mp3
  17. Medical Man (Laser Surgery).mp3
  18. My Daddy (Cemetary Shortcut).mp3
  19. One Eyed Viper (Dinner Party).mp3
  20. Redneck Song (Chili Cookoff).mp3
  21. Redneck Song (Healthy Eating).mp3
  22. Redneck Song (Pat Summerall).mp3
  23. Redneck Song (Redneck Women).mp3
  24. West Virginia (Farmer Out of Town on Business).mp3
  25. West Virginia (Sliding to the Left).mp3

Volume 8

  1. Fudgeman (Jungle).mp3
  2. Lawman (Stresses of the Job).mp3
  3. Medical Man (Jackhammer Hemorroidectomy).mp3
  4. West Virginia Song.mp3
  5. Woody and Sun Yi.mp3

Volume 9

  1. Big Dick Branigan, PI (Checking the Dipstick).mp3
  2. Caller.mp3
  3. Carlos the International Terrorist (Down by the Marina).mp3
  4. Climbing the Ladder to Success.mp3
  5. Clinton and the Punk (Cannes Film Festival).mp3
  6. Cooking with the Hydraulics (Don Rickles).mp3
  7. Critter BBQ.mp3
  8. High on Dope.mp3
  9. Hollywood Divorces.mp3
  10. Lawman (Man Causing Disturbance).mp3
  11. Medical Man (Power Outage).mp3
  12. Morning Quiz (Intelligent West Virginian).mp3
  13. Morning Quiz (Sign on the Hooker's Bed).mp3
  14. Morning Quiz (Swan, Goose, Duck, Lawyer).mp3
  15. My Daddy (Catatonic Farmer's Daughter).mp3
  16. My Daddy (Kennedy Center).mp3
  17. My Daddy (Sayings During Hobble).mp3
  18. Old Blood-n-Guts.mp3
  19. One Eyed Viper (Studio Audience).mp3
  20. Redneck Song (Robert Kennedy Jr.).mp3
  21. Sgt Fury (General Fuddlebottom).mp3
  22. Sgt Fury (Taken Prisoner).mp3
  23. Somebody Been Using that Thing.mp3
  24. That's Nino.mp3
  25. Wailing in the Rain.mp3
  26. West Virginia (Birth Control Pill).mp3
  27. West Virginia (Broad Jump).mp3
  28. West Virginia (Christening New Baby).mp3
  29. West Virginia (Spicing up the Hobble).mp3

Volume 10

  1. Clinton and the Punk (Mile High Club).mp3
  2. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Hardonicus vs. Lion).mp3
  3. Honeymooners (Exchange Student).mp3
  4. Honeymooners (Phone Sex Calls).mp3
  5. Honeymooners (Teaching Ed to Snarl).mp3
  6. Lawman (Diplomat Traffic Stop).mp3
  7. Lawman (High Speed Traffic Stop).mp3
  8. Lawman (K-9 Unit).mp3
  9. Lawman (Riding with Sperm Whale).mp3
  10. Lawman (Squad Car Modifications).mp3
  11. Morning Quiz (Male and Female Robots).mp3
  12. Mr Glandman.mp3
  13. Talking with a Pastor.mp3
  14. Time With the Mob (Slaughterhouse Excitement).mp3

Volume 11

  1. Blasterpiece Theater (Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs).mp3
  2. Clinton and the Punk (Getting Ready for the Day).mp3
  3. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Birthday).mp3
  4. Flying with the Blue Angels.mp3
  5. Fudgeman (Capitol Center).mp3
  6. Fudgeman (Hollywood).mp3
  7. Fudgeman (TV Shows).mp3
  8. Good Ship Grease (At the Sailboat Show).mp3
  9. Grease's Bachelor Party.mp3
  10. Honeymooners (Sexual Harassment Charge).mp3
  11. Hotel After Hurricane.mp3
  12. I'm the Great Rear Ender.mp3
  13. Irving Greasemanowitz (Brother Visit).mp3
  14. Johnny Rico (Cheerleaders).mp3
  15. Lawman (Death Row Visit).mp3
  16. Lawman (Domestic Disturbance).mp3
  17. Lawman (Internal Affairs).mp3
  18. Locker Room Observations.mp3
  19. Massive Impossible (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier).mp3
  20. Medical Man (5 o'clock Shadow).mp3
  21. Medical Man (Virgin).mp3
  22. My Daddy (Bailing Out Daddy).mp3
  23. My Daddy (Overboard Massive).mp3
  24. Picking Up a Woman with Multiple Personalities.mp3
  25. The Kissing Sheriff.mp3
  26. Turn Around, Look at This.mp3
  27. West Virginia (Train Ride).mp3

Volume 12

  1. 6 Minute Workout.mp3
  2. Bearded Clam Song.mp3
  3. Escaping from Louisiana Jail.mp3
  4. Fudgeman (Count Jackula).mp3
  5. Fudgeman (New TV Shows).mp3
  6. Honeymooners (Shrimpin).mp3
  7. I Got the Crabs for Christmas.mp3
  8. International House of Stuffed Squid.mp3
  9. Lady who Doesn't Like to Give Snarlins.mp3
  10. Lawman (Talking to the Judge).mp3
  11. Mom who Caught Son Wailing Away - Phone Shpeckling.mp3
  12. Redneck Song (Daddy Explaining That Thing).mp3
  13. The Devil Went Down to Georgetown.mp3

Volume 13

  1. Charles and Diana (Palace Prowlers).mp3
  2. Clinton and the Punk (Cruising on P Street).mp3
  3. Clinton and the Punk (Mile High Club).mp3
  4. Daddy Bedtime Story (Big Headed Kid).mp3
  5. Dirty Calls Done Dirt Cheap.mp3
  6. Driving Miss Daisy Crazy.mp3
  7. Earthday.mp3
  8. Family Feud with Clinton, Sly, and the Punk.mp3
  9. Good Ship Grease (Celebrating Earthday).mp3
  10. Hobble Handbook (Countin' Before Mountin').mp3
  11. Hobble Handbook (High Class Ass).mp3
  12. Hobble March (Outerspace).mp3
  13. Honeymooners (Ralph and Ed Rap).mp3
  14. Honeymooners (Tea Baggin).mp3
  15. Honeymooners (Timebomb).mp3
  16. It's the Kosher Thing.mp3
  17. Just a Little Bit of Pwwwt.mp3
  18. Lawman (Civilian Review Board).mp3
  19. Looking for Ugly Women (Earthday).mp3
  20. Massive Impossible (Fan in Audience).mp3
  21. Medical Man (Trying to be a Vet).mp3
  22. Morning Quiz (How's a Woman Like a Piano).mp3
  23. Morning Quiz (Hunter and Fisherman).mp3
  24. Morning Quiz (Male and Female Robots).mp3
  25. Morning Quiz (What do Roaches Say to Each Other).mp3
  26. Morning Quiz (Why NYers Live Longer than Anyone Else).mp3
  27. Old Ladies at the Museum.mp3
  28. Satisfying 15 Women.mp3
  29. Secretaries and Bosses Days.mp3
  30. That Hog is Gone at Last.mp3
  31. The Art Show that Shocked Cincinnati.mp3
  32. Time With the Mob (Slaughterhouse Excitement).mp3
  33. Zipped Up My Doodads.mp3

Volume 14

  1. Belgian Congo (Standup Comic).mp3
  2. Callers.mp3
  3. Clarence Frogman Henry.mp3
  4. Daddy Bedtime Story (No Spring in Her Butt).mp3
  5. Doctor of Love.mp3
  6. Emperor Tuchasfacius (Impressing Cleosplatra).mp3
  7. Good Ship Grease (Upset Guest).mp3
  8. Greasemanelli Tours of D.C.mp3
  9. Hobble Handbook (Airline Behind).mp3
  10. Hobble Handbook (Dropping the Bomb on a Friend of Mom).mp3
  11. Hobble Handbook (The Cafeteria).mp3
  12. Lawman (First Kill).mp3
  13. Lawman (Fundraising).mp3
  14. Lawman (Light Flashing Maggot).mp3
  15. Lawman (Nailin' them at the Airport).mp3
  16. Lawman (Revenge of the Dispatcher).mp3
  17. Lawman (Sergeant Evaluation).mp3
  18. Medical Man (Hypochondriac).mp3
  19. Mom, He's Making Eyes at Me.mp3
  20. Morning Quiz (Most Common STD for Eskimos).mp3
  21. Morning Quiz (States of Inebriation).mp3
  22. Morning Quiz (Why Indians Wear Jock Straps).mp3
  23. My Daddy (Hobble Technique).mp3
  24. My Daddy (Hot Dog Drinking Scam).mp3
  25. My Daddy (Hurricane Hilda).mp3
  26. My Daddy (Hydraulics in a Vise).mp3
  27. Necrophiliac Letters.mp3
  28. One Eyed Viper (Background Article).mp3
  29. One Eyed Viper (Twilight Zone).mp3
  30. Pee Wee's Last Adventure.mp3
  31. Redneck Song (Redneck Approach to Broadcasting).mp3
  32. Sex Therapist.mp3
  33. Sgt Fury (Interrogating a Prisoner).mp3
  34. Somebody Been Using That Thing (Haircuts).mp3
  35. Somebody Been Using That Thing (Names).mp3
  36. Technique for a Guaranteed Shangrila.mp3
  37. The Flush - World's First Sanitary Superhero.mp3
  38. The Milkman.mp3
  39. West Virginia (First Day at School).mp3
  40. When We Get Behind Closed Doors.mp3
  41. Wife of Husband in Audience.mp3
  42. Writing a Letter to MTV.mp3

Volume 15

  1. Blasterpiece Theater (Johnny Bad Apple Seed).mp3
  2. Charles and Diana (Personal Toilet Seat).mp3
  3. Clinton and the Punk (Vacation in Philadelphia).mp3
  4. Ex-Con by the Pool.mp3
  5. Good Ship Grease (Empty Wine Bottles).mp3
  6. Good Ship Grease (Upset Guest).mp3
  7. Hobble Handbook (Secret Agent Man).mp3
  8. Hobble Handbook (Your ERA Suare).mp3
  9. Honeymooners (Ed Fisting Ralph).mp3
  10. Irving Greasemanowitz (Circumcising the Cowpokes).mp3
  11. Just Looking for Something Sweet.mp3
  12. Lawman (Fight at RFK Stadium).mp3
  13. Lawman (Hemis on Horseback).mp3
  14. Lawman (Lie Detector Test).mp3
  15. Lawman (Making Something Happen).mp3
  16. Lawman (Retiring to the Rural Sheriff's Dept).mp3
  17. Lawman (Sergeant Evaluation).mp3
  18. Model of the Manly Hydraulics.mp3
  19. Mr Saddam.mp3
  20. My Daddy (Nudist Camp).mp3
  21. Redneck Song (Redneck Weddings).mp3
  22. Religious Man in Flood.mp3
  23. Technique for a Guaranteed Shangrila.mp3

Volume 16

  1. 6 Minute Workout (Pumpkin).mp3
  2. 200 Car Accident.mp3
  3. Callers.mp3
  4. Charles and Diana (King of Spain).mp3
  5. Clinton and the Punk (Dream About Pudding).mp3
  6. Clinton and the Punk (Playing a Game).mp3
  7. Good Ship Grease (Duck Hunting).mp3
  8. Good Ship Grease (Wailing Vessel).mp3
  9. Halloween Show 1990 (7am Hour).mp3
  10. Lawman (Halloween Duty).mp3
  11. Lawman (Halloween Party).mp3
  12. Medical Man (In the Marines).mp3
  13. My Daddy (Incident at the Elks Club).mp3
  14. My Daddy (Scumbucket).mp3
  15. On the Commode Again.mp3
  16. West Virginia (Skydiving).mp3
  17. You Look Just Like a Hog - Bob Dylan Style.mp3

Volume 17

  1. Bits with the Village People.mp3
  2. Clinton and the Punk (Marital Vows).mp3
  3. Exploring the Female Reproductive System.mp3
  4. Fudgeman (Patrolling P Street).mp3
  5. Fudgeman (Valerie Squirtinelli).mp3
  6. Hobble Handbook (Tapping that Thing in the Neurology Wing).mp3
  7. Hobblin in the Dark for 20 Years.mp3
  8. Lawman (Arresting a Big Guy).mp3
  9. Lawman (Bum Races).mp3
  10. Lawman (Giving up the Camels).mp3
  11. Lawman (Hostile Lawman).mp3
  12. Lawman (No Clothes).mp3
  13. Looking for Ugly Women (Polling Place).mp3
  14. Morning Quiz (It's Saudi Duty Time).mp3
  15. My Daddy (Helping Nino Find a Date).mp3
  16. Sgt Fury (Madam Mings).mp3
  17. Six Minute Workout (Military Man).mp3
  18. Sly Stallone Sings the Classics.mp3
  19. South of the Border (All the Way Jose).mp3
  20. South of the Border (Pictures).mp3
  21. West Virginia (Closing the Shades).mp3
  22. West Virginia (Monthly Funeral Expenses).mp3
  23. West Virginia (Piggy Bank).mp3

Volume 18

  1. 6 Minute Workout (Scientist).mp3
  2. Bogus Joke of the Day.mp3
  3. Celebrity Stall (Bill and Ted's Excrement Adventure).mp3
  4. Charles and Di (10 Year Anniversary).mp3
  5. Clinton and the Punk (In the Tub).mp3
  6. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Statue of David).mp3
  7. Goodship Grease (Capt Martinez Wants a Raise).mp3
  8. Goodship Grease (Conspicuous Consumption).mp3
  9. Hobble Handbook (Smash the Gash).mp3
  10. Hobble March (Snarlin).mp3
  11. Honeymooners (At the Beach).mp3
  12. Irving Greasemanowitz (Missionaries Coming to Town).mp3
  13. Last Long Trip.mp3
  14. Lawman (Church Robbery).mp3
  15. Lawman (Protest Outside the Station).mp3
  16. Looking for Ugly Women (Newpaper Lady).mp3
  17. Marion Barry Trial Witness.mp3
  18. Morning Quiz (West Virginia Formal Dinners).mp3
  19. My Daddy (Birth Control Sales Slogans).mp3
  20. Redneck Song (Waking Up In the Morning).mp3
  21. Sgt Fury (Love).mp3
  22. Ta Ta's Akimbo Again.mp3
  23. Wake Up Little Uzi.mp3
  24. Watching First X-Rated Movie.mp3
  25. Wedding Night Advice from Uncle Nino.mp3
  26. Wheelchair Warrior.mp3

Volume 19

  1. Callers.mp3
  2. Charles and Diana (Beeper).mp3
  3. Charles and Diana (Hunt Club Video).mp3
  4. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Lost in the Pyramid).mp3
  5. Fudgeman (Going to the Woods).mp3
  6. Fudgeman (Rap Musicians).mp3
  7. Hobble Handbook (Gettin by While Stayin Dry).mp3
  8. Hobble Handbook (It's Swell in the Hotel).mp3
  9. Hobble Handbook (Old Geezers).mp3
  10. Honeymooners (Freddie the Fist).mp3
  11. Honeymooners (Hawaiian Night).mp3
  12. Honeymooners (Ice Skating).mp3
  13. Honeymooners (Painting).mp3
  14. Honeymooners (Press Conference).mp3
  15. Honeymooners (Ralph in Prison).mp3
  16. In My F-16.mp3
  17. Irving Greasemanowitz (Local Indian Tribe).mp3
  18. Lawman (Civilian Review Board).mp3
  19. Lawman (Family Reunion).mp3
  20. Lawman (Mace in the Face).mp3
  21. Lawman (Suspicious Behavior).mp3
  22. Massive Impossible (Paul Tsongas).mp3
  23. Medical Man (Multiple Diseases).mp3
  24. Pee Wee Back in the Movies.mp3
  25. Redneck Song (Newspaper Reporters).mp3
  26. South of the Border (Kissing Booth).mp3
  27. The Bearded Clam (School Dance).mp3
  28. West Virginia (Telephone Pole Installation).mp3
  29. West Virginia (Waiting on Geezers).mp3

Volume 20

  1. 60 Minute Man.mp3
  2. Arkansas is Coming to Town.mp3
  3. Blue Bayou.mp3
  4. Bottom Knockin Beneath the Christmas Tree.mp3
  5. Caller (Relationship Advice).mp3
  6. Doctor of Love.mp3
  7. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Sleazbaggia and the Wenches).mp3
  8. Enlighten the Goy (You're Good to Go).mp3
  9. Fudgeman (A Christmas Carol).mp3
  10. Fudgeman (In the Jungle).mp3
  11. He Walks With Me (Sissy Fibrosis).mp3
  12. Hobble Handbook (Breakfast in Bed).mp3
  13. It's the Greaseman.mp3
  14. Lawman (Job Stress).mp3
  15. Lawman (Sperm Whale Retires).mp3
  16. Medical Man (Jackhammer Hemorrhoidectomy).mp3
  17. Morning Quiz (Definition of Menopause).mp3
  18. My Daddy (Dating Game).mp3
  19. RJ (Record Plopper).mp3
  20. Santa Got Caught Fondling a Reindeer.mp3
  21. Sgt Fury (Interrogating a Prisoner).mp3
  22. Sister Nadine Came Home Pregnant.mp3
  23. Something Lurking Behind You.mp3
  24. West Virginia (Hired Hand).mp3
  25. West Virginia (Mary, Larry, Harry, and Jeff).mp3
  26. West Virginia is the Place for Me.mp3

Volume 21

  1. Avocado Sized.mp3
  2. Bottom Knockin.mp3
  3. Caller - Interns.mp3
  4. Callers.mp3
  5. Callers 1.mp3
  6. Charles and Diana (Potato Chips).mp3
  7. Clinton and the Punk (Golf Tournament).mp3
  8. Deal with the Devil.mp3
  9. Doodads on Your Chin.mp3
  10. Emporer Tuchasfacius (Alternate Lifestyle Centurions).mp3
  11. Fudgeman (Dr Speckle and Mr Slide).mp3
  12. Fudgeman (Wall Street).mp3
  13. Idea for Bars in Hospitals.mp3
  14. Lawman (Surveillance Duty).mp3
  15. Massive Impossible (Vasectomy).mp3
  16. Medical Man (Cooter Like a Pickle).mp3
  17. Medical Man (Designing the Perfect Woman).mp3
  18. Medical Man (Hose That Thang Down!).mp3
  19. Morning Quiz (Definition of a Condom).mp3
  20. Morning Quiz (Difference Between an Alcoholic and a Drug Addict).mp3
  21. Morning Quiz (Proctologist and Groinocologist Sharing Office).mp3
  22. My Daddy (Christmas Trees).mp3
  23. Sgt Fury (New Recruits).mp3
  24. Six Minute Workout.mp3
  25. South of the Border (Lost Passport).mp3
  26. The Beach from Hell.mp3
  27. West Virginia (Marital Responsibilities).mp3