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9/24/96 - Behind-The-Scenes

At exactly 7:01a.m. (PDT) Grease and I were out of the Westwood One
studios and screaming down La Cienega Boulevard toward LAX where he caught
an 8 a.m. flight to Toronto.  There he will be for the next two days
filming his scenes for NBC-TV movie, "Jack Reed: Champion Of The Cheap
Homicide".  It airs in November.

BTW, many thanks to "POTENT 357" G. Gordon Liddy for those timely and
deadly prison tips that he passed along to grease during their on-air
conversation.  For those of you who missed THAT interview, we will
probably re-air that prior to the showing of "Jack Reed" on NBC.   Also
thanks to Tonight Show announcer and performer Edd Hall for being on with
us early this morning.  Edd is a LONG- time Greasefan and didn't miss a
beat this morning.  Congrats on the 1000th "Tonight Show", Edd.

We'll have Grease on-the-blower from the set of Jack Reed, plus some
vintage bit vault material at-the-ready, so his trek to Toronto should be
pretty well covered.  In the coming weeks..Cindy Crawford...Mark
Hamill..Donovan ("that's your lot in life..Lalena") and of course, our man
in November: Harry Browne.  PLUS..BITS..BITS and MORE BITS.   Grease
continues to be the MASTER ALL your favorites haven't
gone ANYWHERE.  Just listen longer.
Hope you enjoyed the "Blasterpiece Theater" this AM.

Thanks for all the feedback..sorry I can't respond personally to many of
them..but I'll try.

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"