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10/1/96 - Behind-The-Scenes

Well it took 13 years, but Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen, a HUGE Greaseman
fan, finally got through to the Show.  Many thanks to our "Westwood
Brothers" at Loveline for pointin Rick in our fetid direction!   The band
is working on a new album having just released a great multi-CD
retrospective.  I thought for sure Grease would ask him how the screaming
girls were in Budokhan!  Now if we can just get the word out to another
big fan, Steve Miller, that "The Joker" is welcome any old time.

Grease is roaring with new energy, back in Jacksonville on "Real Radio"
106.5".  He's shriekin and telling stories better-than-ever.  Today's
"Waitin' For The Bus" was particularly hillarious.   BTW, some of you have
asked about he thme music that Grease uses for his "Matwa of The Yanno
Manno" bits.  That is cut #3 from the 2nd "Deep Forest" album (with the
white cover).

Meanwhile, we're gearing up to meet our fellow broadcasters and hang out
at the NAB Convention here in L-A next week.  If you are coming out and
would like to see the Show as it's produced, please e-mail me a

Till when next we meet.......ahhh you know the rest of it.

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"