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10/9/96 - Behind-The-Scenes

Grease appreciates all the great feedback on the show and, yes, he DOES
read and respond to his e-mail.  With new markets every week, there's more
mail and more CREATIVE calls and input.  Thanks.

This week, Grease is anticipating the arrival of all of our "Westwood
Brothers" and fellow boss-jocks at the NAB.  While certainly not
anticipating the drunken soiree that past "confabs" may have been like in
his youth, the chance to knock back a martini and "talk shop" is always

Thanks to Julie Cialini from Playboy for filling an interesting hour this
AM and keeping us all laughing with her Donald Duck imitation after the
show.  I think Grease had her worried when he did that "on-an-airline" bit
with her.  Yeah, she dug the background  music, but then she saw the blaze
in his eyes ("Psycho" theme here).

Details on road-trip(s) and "Jack Reed" airdate coming up in the next
week.  As always, we appreciate all the support.

Bill Scanlan
The Greaseman Show
Westwood One