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10/15/96 - Behind-The-Scenes

It's great to be BACK ON IN THE EMPIRE STATE.  Grease debuted at "The X"
96-1 in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He's real familiar with the city having spent
many a boyhood-summer-getaway at relatives there.

Well, by now, you've heard the BIG NEWS that "Don And MIke" and Grease
made peace.  it happened last weeke at the NAB Convention here in L-A.
"D&M" were men enough to offer the olive branch, Grease was bold enough to
accept and bygones are bygones.  Many thanks to Jim Mc Lure of WJFK in
Washington for persuing this. Those of us on staff at The Greaseman Show
just heard the interview on tape today and think that, not only was it
entertaining, but it really is a lot easier to have FRIENDS in the biz
than to create and maintain enemies.
thanks "D&M" time in L-A, let's all go out and bust out rear windows
with wrist rockets.  WE'LL show ya a good time!!

Check out Grease and Cindy Crawford later this week on-the-air. how will
Grease EVER ask her about that zesty .gif that's floating around the
'Net?? Tuen in and see.  Thanks for your always!!

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"