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10/30/96 - Behind-The-Scenes

Greetings from Culver City ("God give me strength").  Actually, this is
the perfect place to do "The Greaseman Show" from.  Great comedy was
created here in the "Heart Of Screenland" at the studio right next
door..."Laurel And hardy".."Buster Keaton"..."Our Gang"..."I Love Lucy"
were all done at the adjacent Culver Studios.

Grease is gearing up for a week in Jacksonville at "Real Radio" 106.5
(11/4-11/8).  You'll be able to stop bye and say hi at several area
appearances.  All the appearances will be promoted heavily on-the-air.

Meanwhile, "Jack Reed" airs on NBC, Sunday, 11/17.  You'll see Grease in
his role as "Train", kicking the crap out of a fellow inmate.  Grease will
be in Atlanta for that weekend for several related appearances and a show
from the Z93 studios on Monday, 11/18.

We have a great Halloween Show lined up with a special celeb. appearance
from "Psycho's" Janet Leigh..and a nutty woman who photographs ghosts
("not GOATS Daddy..he said GHOSTS!!!!").  We're just keeping our fingers
crossed that Simon from Poughkeepsie doesn't call in with a halloween
suicide threat!  Although, as Grease told him earlier this week,  we do
"need andother SPLAT sound effect!!"

Thanks for your support as always....

Bill Scanlan
The Greaseman Show