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4/24/97 - Behind-The-Scenes

So go ahead..tear me a new one for not possting an update in a LONG time.
First and foremost, it's great to see the continued support, chatter and
commentary about "The Greaseman Show".   Positive AND negative, we do look
at it all.  Hey, Grease has a THICK skin.  We know there are still
mega-thousands of listeners out there who are pining for the Show's return
or thankful that he's still on-air making us laugh.

I've worked with Grease since '82 (I did afternnon drive then while
How-wierd was rocking the morning)  and produced the Show since '89, and I
continue to be amazed at how much he makes me laugh.  I've thought about
this for a long time and finally realized that Grease is a born
entertainer.  Hey, it's in his genes..his grandpa was in Vaudeville (sp).
I'm crackin' up at the "wayward callers".."memos to Tom Leykis"..."music
on the lightwswitch"..."Nino News roundups"...and so many different things
these days.  Did you catch the bit a few weeks ago where he was extracting
gold teeth from a cadaver in his living room with paul Mc Cartney's "Junk"
playing lightly in the background and his "funny little honey" cutting the
crusts off his sandiches??   You want to talk..out-of-left-field
hillarious!!  "THIS MAN IS SICK!!" (Wrong Mr. Goldman..THIS MAN IS

Grease, Joel and I will pack up the sound effects, music and vaccu-jack
and fly off to FLA.  The Show will come from WTLK the week of 4/28).
Grease will be MC'ing the Florida Comedy Festival at the Florida Theater
on Friday,  May 2nd.    Get your's going to be af VERY funny
night.  Several big-time judges and Cable taping..don't know where or when
it will air..stay tuned.  You can also catch him at Papa Joe's in Neptune
Beach on Tuesday, April 29th from 8 to 10PM.

We know that many of you are not happy with the Audionet situation.  it's
kind of out of our hands.  However..we work for a guy who is very much a
visionary when it comes to radio so when Mel Karmazin finds a way for it
to be a Company success, I'm sure you'll hear many more of your favorite
shows "on-the 'Net".  In the meanwhile, know that efforts are going full
steam to bring us back into our old markets and many more new ones.
This is a distinctly different Show and it takes a bold station to market
it, stick with it and see it to success.

Meanwhile...Grease enjoys the creative confines of The Westwood One
Studios.  Rubbing elbows or butting heads with his "Westwood
Brothers"...has certainly given us more inspiration.  It's a treat to nab
starts on their way to satellite interviews or watch Casey Kasem do his
thing in Studio D after we get off.  It might be scary if we actually DO
get on in Seattle..and our "wayward callers" catch on to  his act!!!

I hope that fills you in on a few things..if not, e-mail me directly at
"" and RE: Attn "Bill".  Thanks for your support and