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5/19/97 - Behind-The-Scenes
WOW!! What a change..from the obscurity of Culver City, to the warm
welcome of Washington.  The Greaseman Show is now coming to you from
94.7/WARW in Washington.  It will be a blast to work with old pals...visit
old haunts....explore the daily bizarre behaviour that happens in our
Nation's Capital!! And, this means that we can finally have normal hours
and STILL do the Jacksonville visits..and MANY others (we hope).

In case the message got lost 'long the way..YES, we are out to reclaim the
top spot that "wingnut" won by default.  For a city weary of
"ba-ba'booey"...we bring  LAUGHTER....BITS..."LOVEFEST FRIDAY"...AND FUN!,
 It'll be a fast-paced, funny and rockin' morning show.  Our new digs ar
94.7 will be just the spot for a return to glory!!!

More to come...thanks as ALWAYS to our faithful fans who endured the
nighttime exile.   You're the best.  BTW, we hope success here and in JAX
will mean that MORE stations (including L-A) get smart and get Grease!!!

Bill Scanlan