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6/23/97 - Behind-The-Scenes
Greetings Greasefans!!  Lots of news here from D.C..  First of all, My
loyal Assistant Producer Joel Thatcher has returned to the West Coast.  He
will handle the "Greaseman Saturday Morning" production duties for the
time being.
He has been an inspiration and a joy to work, travel and hang out with.
Now he has free time to job hunt and spend extra hours surfing Art Bell's
Web site!

Our new man on-the-scene is Rick McLure, former production pro at WJFK.
Rick ran the Show in the evening there for three years.  He brings a lot
of experience and enthusiasm to the Show.

Lots of exciting things on the way in the near future...a fourth hour for
D.C.!! (check it out 6/30)...a possible JAX trip in July.  Another "Jack
Reed" in the offing..and Grease's book this Fall.  Gonna be

BTW, Grease will be back from vacation on 6/30.  We hope to have an
ALL-AMERICAN GREASE slaute ready for the Fourth Of July Show (Best Of).
Stay in Touch!!

Bill Scanlan