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7/21/97 - Behind-The-Scenes
Fellow Greasefanatics....

We wrapped a wild week in Washington on Friday with the delightful "Easy
Rider" poster girls in studio.  Thank God Mrs. Baumgartner carries a
We've definetly had some great studio audiences.  If you are int he D-C
area, or plan to be, please call (301) 984-6000 and sign up for tickets.
Tony's the man to talk with.

This week, we're in Jacksonville.  Having snuck into town on the heels of
Hurricane Danny, we heldo court at the Spindrifter...where Grease unveiled
a barrage on NEW standup material and signed and...uh,
well,  he signed lots of interesting things!!  Rick McClure is holdling
down the fort at WARW, making sure that things find their way through the
ISDN lines to the YOU!!!

I'm hoping we'll finally be able to land the long-awaited Marilyn Chambers
interview soon..maybe this week.  Personally, I keep kicking myself for
erasing her message off my voice mail!!

A final thanks to the nearly 500 happy shooters and fans who turned out
for the first annual "Greaseman Celebrity Shoot".  It was a great
afternoon, lots of fun.  We WILL do it again next year with more prizes,
personalities and chances for you to sling lead with Grease.  Thanks to
Remington and Three Brothers for the sponsorship.  Also thanks to Ty from
HK for lending support.

Things are going very well for the Show in D-C...Jax...and Roanoke. Yes we
STILL are on in Baltimore..weekday evenings at 10 on 1300.  Thanks!!

Bill Scanlan