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9/16/97 - Behind-The-Scenes
Fellow Greasfanatics...

It's hard to know where to begin this latest update.   There's a lot going
on with "The Greaseman Show"

First of all, find yourself an old "I Don't Believe The Post"
bumpersticker.  My thanks for the Post stafff for the great publicity, but
the writer and editor (s) obviously wnated to put their own "shock jock"
spin on it.  Doug Tracht, the Falls Church Sheriff, is NOT "The Greaseman".
 He is a guy who has TRAINED and worked in the profession.  His motives
were both personal and civic:  he gets to do something he REALLY enjoys,
and he's doing Virginia taxpayers a favor by DOING IT FOR FREE!!  ("Ask not
what your....OOPS, getting carried away here!!) Our fans have been 100%
behind's very gratifying!!

The press attention will come in handy this Fall as Grease's FIRST book is
published.  "And They Ask Me Why I Drink" (Pocket books) is a great looking
hardback..loaded with laughs and Greaseman wackiness!!  Whether taking the
shuttle or taking a massive..this one will be accompaniment!!  Details on
the exact release date and related appearances will be here soon.

Also this Fall, look for a BRAND NEW CD and tape collection of "Best Of"
material.  The as-of-yet untitled set (more than one CD) will all be culled
from the L-A years, includiong highlights from the 1994 "World Tour"!!
Joel Thatcher is handling the Producer duties on this one!!

Finally, New york and Jersey fans take note.  "The Greaseman Show" will be
broadcasting live from New York at the Westwood One Studios on Thrusday and
Friday, 9/25 and 9/26.  We have a LIMITED number of seat available.  If you
are interested in attending the show (6-10 a.m.), please e-mail me at
"" (re: NEW YORK TIX).  We will get back to as many of
you as we can.  Meanwhile, your mission is to get some of these old farts
off New York radio...Grease belongs back in the Apple.

That's it for now..check back soon for details ont he book and CD!!

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"

I think that about covers it