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9/30/97 - Behind-The-Scenes in NYC...

We had two excellent Shows at Westwood One in NYC last Thrusday and Friday
(9/25 and 9/26).  Many thanks to our supportive engineering staff there and
the great group of New York area fans who came in for the fun.

Greasefan Steve Olsen took several photos and has posted them on his Greaseman
web site:  Take a look and let us know
how they come out.

Friday's Show was particularly hard-hitting with some great "classics"
("Handbook" and "Sgt. Fury")..good phones..and grease's comedic outlook on New
York, Marv Albert and more.

Grease was also working hard with our national buyers and sponsors. visiting
clients until late Thursday and Friday!

A quick book update for you here.  We expect Grease's first book "And They Ask
Me Why I Drink" (Pocket Books) to be released on October 21st.  Related book
promotional activites are still being developed by us and the publisher.
Watch this usegroup for updates.

Thanks for your support..hope we can stay longer , next time in NYC (like

Bill Scanlan