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11/26/97 - Behind-The-Scenes & CD info

We enjoyed mixin and mingling in jax last week.  Thanks to WTLK for all the
support..and the EVER-growing Jacksonville fans!!  Spread the word.

Grease did SOME book signing down in jax.  he will have two (2) BIG
pre-Christmas book signings..thanks to TOWER RECORDS and books (they tell us
there are plenty available).  Here's the information:

Friday, December 5th - 7 p.m.  - Tower, Fairfax Town Center
Saturday December 6th  - 2 p.m.  - Tower, Congressional Plaza, Rockville Pike.

***Grease will sign, as long as there's a line!***

Please check with the TOWER in your area and make sure they get the title and
author correct:  'AND THEY ASK ME WHY I DRINK" by Nino "The Greaseman"
Mannelli (Pocket Books)

TV UPDATE:  See "The Greaseman" doing some real-life LAWMAN volunteer duties on
the "Fox Morning News" (Tuesday December 9th..time tba)

'GREASEMAN GREATEST HITS CD"  -  The CD's are ready..the cover looks REAL
good...we're ready to open the toll-free lines for ytou orders/.  That number
will be posted here on Monday..December 1st.  You can e-mail us a
"" if you miss it.

Thanks for all your support...

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"