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8/31/98 - Greaseman In The U.K.!!!

British fans in Manchester will hear an entire morning of Greaseman Show fun on
Sautrday, September 5th, 1998 on Manchester's Friday FM, 106.6.  SHould be
pretty wacky.  If you know of anyone in the area, please have them tune in!!

In other news..."The Greaseman Jam" promises to be a HUGE day of fun at the
Nissan Pavilloion on Saturday, Septmber 26th.  Grease will have all kinds of
local rock n roll his band "INGUS" and JETHRO TULL!!!!  In
addition..the pavillion will be set up like a carnival for adults with allkinds
of booths and attractions.  Tickets are $9.47.  Search "INGUS BAND" on your
search engine for details on Grease's bands..they're very wacky...

John Riggins (#44) returns to the Greaseman fold this Friday..with Redskins
updates (maybe..and hunting, fishing and freewheeling).  It'll fun to work with
him again.

Monthly "trends" continue to be good as the Greaseman SHow climbs back to the
top spots in DC morning radio!!!

More to come...

Bill Scanlan
"The Greaseman Show"
(301) 984-6000