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12/2/98 - Behind-The-Scenes

It's been a while, but we have been busy here in D.C.!!  The ratings continue
STRONG for "The Greaseman Show"...AND we were honored with our first-ever
"A.I.R." awards for "Best Morning Show" and "Best Continuing Feature" (The Nino
News Roundup).

For those of you longing for the bits...there are a couple of options.  You can
some bits, greaselinks and Show information on our station website:

It's a real good site and we'll be loading more and more "daily" bits as we get
the studio set up here.  Look for a link to Steve Olsen's great bit page.

From the web site, you can get information on "The Greaseman's Greatest Hits"
CD.  The 3-CD set is now priced to move at $15.  Send a check or money order

The Greaseman CD
5912 Hubbard Drive
Rockville, MD  20852

We are filling orders from ALL over the's great.  Thanks.  BTW...I
think the book "And They Ask Me Why I Drink" is still available at

Grease is back on the TV auditioning circuit, hoping to land something that is
shot on the East Coast.  And now that Burt Reynolds is hinting at a
"Deliverance II" in 1999, Grease is DUE a role as the mountain man...back to
avenge Bill's death!!

Send us an e-mail and leave your phone to stay in touch!!!

Bill Scanlan