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Greaseman & Ingus live!

August 14, 2000 -- Greaseman performed his second live show at XHALE Nightclub in Frederick, MD this past Friday night, and this time his backing band Ingus joined him on stage! This was my first time seeing Ingus, and they impressed me with their musicianship and comic timing--and frontman Tom Lange is a madman! But it was Grease that the crowd came to see, and the thinner, tanner Nino came onstage to a big ovation like his appearance here in March.

Grease told some jokes and some of his trademark shpicy stories, then he did a series of classic songs with Ingus. The best received was the first live performance of Georgia Boy where he improvised verses based around people's names as they were shouted out from the crowd. The front row loved this as they heard their own names used in verse after verse of spicy rhymes--it didn't hurt that they were all plastered! =)

After well-received versions of "Purple Cooter Eater" and "Against Her Chin", Grease & Ingus wrapped it up onstage, and Grease signed autographs and posed for pictures from the crowd. I hung out with JasoN (from the late JasoN's Greaseman Page) and Carlos (from the original Greaseman Home Page) and met a few other Greasefans, and spoke to Tom Lange for a bit, who was selling CD's of Ingus & Greaseman's greatest songs. All in all, a successful evening!

So now the question is... what is Greaseman doing next? Well, there's no easy answer to that. His Internet broadcasting plan didn't materialize as he had hoped, and no radio offers have been worked out to both sides' satisfaction. But what about a live club tour with Ingus like these gigs at XHALE? Taking the Greaseshow on the road, to some extent. Would you folks in Philly, Baltimore & NYC come out to the show? Thinking grandly, what about Atlanta, Jacksonville and L.A.? The idea is floating around in the Greasecamp, so if you think this would work in your city, I'm sure Grease would love to hear from you! E-mail him at We all want to hear him back on the radio eventually, but until that happens, this would be a great way to spread the Grease!

For more pictures of the show, visit the Live Appearances Picture Gallery

Here's a video clip of his opening comments at the first XHALE show back in March '00:

Download: Windows Media