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Greasefan Alan Peterson posted this to the Greaseman newsgroup in January 2002...

Grease fever may be on the radio, but evidently the Net community is slow to pick up on the lingo. For example:

Scamper.Com is the home page of some avant-garde artiste that makes about as much sense as one of those blathering winos at the street corner. Good pix, but not a lot of sense.

Gagaga.Com is a Korean website that will not load anything until you download the Korean alphabet. Not worth the visit.

Massive.Com links one to a record compnay, a private vinyl label out West that specalizes in "Pirate DJs."

Fusilage.Com and Pfft.Com are currently unavailable, however, Estelle.Com links to a San Francisco painter that looks like Janeane Garafolo.

UglyWomen.Com links to Chubby Chix, a porno site. Whatta surprise...

Daddy.Com jumps you to Escorts.Com, a clearinghouse that connects clients to escort services in their communities. DittyBoppingDaddy.Com is a dead link, so it might be available. I heartily recommend a visit to Daddy-O.Com (don't leave out the hyphen) for "Hairy-Chested Answers to Candy-Ass Questions."

Oddly enough, Hydraulics.Com may be available. A company called Daco.Com has its talons in it, and will offer to create that site for anyone who wants it.

SergeantFury and SgntFury.Com do not exist. SgtFury.Com (without the "N") is similarly unavailable.

Nodule.Com takes one to a French company that does multimedia, and CupidsQuiver.Com is held by a company called BuyDomains.Com, that will happily sell you the name.

BudBudBuddy.Com is up for grabs, but Buddy.Com sells nerd software for geeks with Hewlett-Packard pocket computers. And astoundingly, HeyPunk.Com is held by a company called DomainIt.Com.

You'll crack up to find out PurtyMouth.Com distributes info and products dealing with oral hygeine, but ComeOnSqueal.Com may be avavilable.

Lawman.Com will sell you software that can let you play detective, while Bookem.Com links to a Pasedena bookstore specializing in mysteries... and while plain, the website is pretty creative.

Finally, YouPigYou and YaPigYa.Com go nowhere, but a Web Search on "You Pig" suggests a website taking you to the children's book "If You Give a Pig a Pancake" (1998 Harper Collins). B.F.D....