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The Habadogaga Handbook

This list only covers the first few years he did the Handbook, so I know there are MANY more chapters after these. When Grease was on in New York recently I heard him do a chapter one-thousand-and-something! Note the duplicate chapter numbers--apparently Grease never cataloged his bits like us dedicated fans with too much time on our hands. =)


2. Mother's Friends
8. Museums
16. Poolside
17. Church
18. The Auto Shop
22. The Highway
23. Roommates
26. Hog Dumping / Extrication
37. Movie Theaters
47. Before it was the Habo Handbook, it was just called the Greaseman Seduction Technique, as in this, the earliest bit I have on tape from '83
47. Foreign Exchange Student
49. K-9 Bafoonery
50. Tourists
53. Airport
56. When Parents Are In Town
82. Summer Camp
82. Using Infants As Bait
91. Sympathy Schtup
91. Sick
105. Disease
117. Cold Weather Action
160. Hobbling The Insane
161. Philosophical Differences

On 9/26/97 I attended my very first Greaseman show in New York City and personally witnessed this entry:

8652. In Line for the Letterman Show

The Female Habadogaga Handbook

1. Grease did one chapter on helping women pick up guys at a caller's request

Greasefan Submissions

Submitted by Rick Delung. These are from when Grease was on in Los Angeles a couple years back. See what I mean about chapter numbers & duplicates!

2. The Airport Retort
25. The Checking Account Mount
50. An Airport Carousel...Makes It Swell
65. Book Review Reading...Leads To A Seeding
90. Be An Undercover Lover
90. In A Church...You'll Find A Perch
97. Learn To Write...For Something Tight
99. Dangerous Flirt...Gets You The Skirt
232. A New Year's Eve...Not To Believe
301. Self Protection...For Slice Selection
303. Getting Hard...With A Business Card
341. Collection Returns...Makes Her Squirm
366. Do Real Estate...To Get To Home Plate
368. A New Stroke...Gets A Good Poke
403. The Chemical Spill Thrill
502. Pedia...tricks
561. It's No Schwitz...To Go Berlitz
612. The Family Tree...Hobble Do Gee
612. If They Smoke...The Poke
712. Intimate Disaster...Helps You Blast Her
717. Bowling Alley Sally
901. A Lamborghini...Skins Your Weenie
919. On A Cruise...Prepare To Ooze
1189. Flower Show...And Go
1278. Open House...Open Blouse
1701. Lotus Position...Is Your Submission
1708. Cross Country Date...Would Be Great
2096. Having A Go...On Sorority Row
2525. Christmas Bells...For What Smells
2902. Duck Walkin'...For Scamper Caulkin'
2999. A Mugging Hugging
3690. The Mascot Plot
4392. The Cowpoke Stroke
6528. Play The Race Card...To Get It Hard

Submitted by Sonny Moore:

1052. Hole-in-one Fun
6974. The Computer...Is The Way To Scooter

Submitted by Frank Hutton:

?. A Little Constriction...To Avoid Eviction

Submitted by someone (I lost the contact info--sorry!):

70. Mid-term Exam...For That Co-ed Slam